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Maps & Quests

Lorencia Lorencia

Lorencia, located in the middle of the MU world. Dark Knights and Dark Wizards (including Magic Gladiator and Dark Lord) begin their careers here. Very favorable hunting ground for low level fighters (1-20lvl).

Level limit Dark Knights and Dark Wizards are born in this place (including Magic Gladiator and Dark Lord). However, the Fairy Elf must already be above level 10 if you want to get here.
Features This is the starting point for the adventure of the Dark Knights, Dark Wizards, Magic Gladiators and Dark Lords.
Monsters Spider, Budge Dragon, Lich, Bull Fighter, Giant, Hound, Elite Bull Fighter, Skeleton Warrior.

Noria Noria

Noria is the center of Fairy Kingdom. It is located to the east of Lorencia. Originally, the Fairy Elves start their careers here. Noria is very similar to Lorencia, Noria is also the Chaos Goblins home, who makes Chaos weapons as well as wings for adventurers.

Level limit This world of Fairies, Dark Knights, Dark Wizards, Magic Gladiators, and Dark Lords must be at least level 10 to put their feet here.
Features Place where the Fairy Elf begin and where the chaos mix is made
Monsters Chain Scorpion, Goblin, Stone Golem, Agon, Forest Monster, Elite Goblin, Hunter, Beetle Monster.

Devias Devias

Devias is a snow-covered world located northwest of Lorencia. The monsters here are much stronger than in Lorencia or Noria, so the entry level here for each character is level 15. There is also a Guild Master here to help you create your Guild.

Level limit At least level 15 to enter here.
Features It is a snowy track where stronger monsters farm at the wings of Lorencia and Noria. Home of the Guild Master.
Monsters Yeti, Elite Yeti, Ice Queen, Assassin, Ice Monster, Worm, Hommerd

Dungeon Dungeon

Dungeon is a cave with an entrance in Lorencia, north of the city, above the tomb garden. Dungeon has 3 levels, and at the lowest level there is Gorgon himself, the lord of Dungeon. Many brave adventurers had already entered the gates of the Dungeon, but few returned to tell the legend of the fallen. You are brave when you come in here, but be prepared for the forerunners of the servants of Hell waiting for you.

Level limit You need at least level 20 to reach the first level, 40 to reach the second level, and 50 to reach the third level.
Features A complex three-level cave system. Stronger monsters live here than in Davias.
Monsters Ghost, Dark Knight, Cyclops, Larva, Skeleton Archer, Elite Skeleton Warrior , Skeleton Warrior, Thunder Lich, Hell Spider, Hell Hound, Poison Bull, Gorgon.

Lost Tower Lost Tower

Lost Tower is a huge tower located in the northern part of the MU world, with its entrance opening from Davias at its northern tip, behind the Ice Queen. It was once a temple, but since Kundun's attack it has become home to ugly monsters. Kundun has installed various monsters on each level of the Lost Tower, each level is more deadly than the previous one, and at the top there is Balrog waiting for you.

Level limit You need to be level 80 to enter here and level 90 to teleport. Level 81 is required for LT second level, 90 is required for third and fourth, 100 is required for fifth and sixth, and level 110 is required for LT seventh level. Of course, teleport levels are always above these.
Features It is an intricate maze in which if you go up one level, you can no longer go back, only forward. There are more treasures waiting for you here than on any other track so far. Minimum level 90 for deployment.
Monsters Devil, Death Cow, Death Gorgon, Shadow, Poison Shadow, Balrog, Cursed Wizard, Death Knight.

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