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Chaos Castle

""Chaos will be watched when you enter Chaos Castle" "

Friend or foe? In Chaos Castle you will fight for your destiny. You can fight for authority or reward, but you need to know there can only be one left. Dressed in Armor of Guardsman, you will paint just like your enemies, where there is no one to tell you who is who.

In the Castle, 100 participants will fight against each other, of which a maximum of 70 can be players, the rest are monsters. All 100 participants have the same appearance, so no one can be distinguished from the other or the monsters. At least 2 players must be entered to start the event.

Chaos Castle is separated according to the level of the player as follows:

Chaos Castle szint Karakter szint Magic Gladiator / Dark Lord Zen
1 15-49 15-29 25,000
2 50-119 30-99 80,000
3 120-179 100-159 150,000
4 180-239 160-219 250,000
5 240-299 220-279 400,000
6 300-400 280-400 650,000

Any player who meets the minimum level requirement can enter the Castle. The event automatically repeats every 4 hours.

Players must purchase an Armor of Guardsman from an NPC, but can only enter the Castle when the event is ready to begin.

Upon entry, the appropriate amount of Zen is automatically deducted and a randomly selected player wins it cumulatively.

There are no rules from the start of the event, everything is free for everyone. Only the strongest fighter can win. Players receive 1 point for each player defeated and 2 points for each monster killed. During the event, the area of the Castle continues to shrink, so there is a risk that the player will fall into the deep. The fallen players end up in Devias.

Chaos Castle

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