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Blood Castle

""Risk your life to save Archangel""

One of Mu Earth's most powerful warriors, Archangel, secretly guarded the countryside, which he swore to protect. As the reign of Kundun approached, Archangel had to repel any monsters that tried to invade Mu's Land. But unfortunately, His Protective Archangel was unable to protect his forever ...

Kundun broke into his Castle with his army and defeated Archangel. Archangel, wounded and in danger, summoned Mu Warriors to come and support Him in this terrible moment. Unable to gather his power without His Heavenly Weapon, He asks You to infiltrate his oppressed Castle and retrieve His Weapon.
How to get admission to Blood Castle

In the Chaos Machine, you must use a Scroll of Archangel, a Blood Bone, and a Chaos Jewel to create a Cloak of Invisibility. You must place items of the same level in the Chaos machine, and the Cloak you make will be at the same level.
Required items:


Item The level of an item available from monsters
Scroll of Archangel+1
Blood Bone +1
2. above level (Spider)
Scroll of Archangel+2
Blood Bone +2
32. above level (Ghost)
Scroll of Archangel+3
Blood Bone +3
45. above level (Vepar)
Scroll of Archangel+4
Blood Bone +4
57. above level (Death Cow)
Scroll of Archangel+5
Blood Bone +5
68. above level (Silver Valkyrie)
Scroll of Archangel+6
Blood Bone +6
76. above level (Blood Wolf)
Scroll of Archangel+7
Blood Bone +7
84. above level (Beam Knight)

Blood Castle levels:

Blood Castle Level Character level Magic Gladiator/Dark Lord level
1 15-80 15-60
2 81-130 61-110
3 131-180 111-160
4 181-230 161-210
5 231-280 211-260
6 281-330 261-310
7 331-400 311-400

Blood Castle rules:

  • The warp command can also be used after entering Blood Castle.
  • After entering the 10th player in each level group, no other player can participate in the event.
  • If the player falls in Blood Castle, she does not lose the exp, zen and items she gained there.
  • Certain skills can be used in the safe area of Blood Castle: Attack / Defense buff, heal, soul barrier, swell life.

  • The player who returns the Archangel's Weapon will be rewarded with a Jewel of Chaos. (BC 1-5) or a Jewel of Life/Creation (BC 6-7)
  • The player who break the statue or door will receive experience rewards.


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