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Devil Square

"Are you strong enough to survive?"

10 Mu Warrior confronts the forces of Kundun, which are reborn before your eyes and close everything with an endless attack. Only one - the strongest on the team - can survive Devil Square. With a Devils Invitation, you can gain entry to Devil Square, where you can test your strength.

How to win entry to Devil Square:

Up to 10 characters can attend the event at a time, who need the appropriate level of Devils Invitation to enter. To create a Devils Invitation, you must combine a Devils Eye and a Devils Key and a Chaos Jewel using the Chaos Machine.

Required items:


Item The level of an item available from monsters
Devil's Eye +1
Devil's Key +1
3. above level (Goblin)
Devil's Eye +2
Devil's Key +2
36. above level (Elite Yeti)
Devil's Eye +3
Devil's Key +3
47. above level (Shadow)
Devil's Eye +4
Devil's Key +4
60. above level (Devil)
Devil's Eye +5
Devil's Key +5
70. above level (Lizard King)
Devil's Eye +6
Devil's Key +6
80. above level (Iron Wheel)

Devils Square is separated depending on the levels.

Devils Square level Character Level Magic Gladiator/Dark Lord
1 15-130 11-110
2 131-180 111-160
3 181-230 161-210
4 231-280 211-260
5 281-330 261-310
6 331-400 311-400

Devil Square rules:
  • The warp command can also be used after entering Devil Square.
  • After the 10th player enters, no other player can participate in the event.
  • If a player falls during a fight, he is automatically placed in Noria.
  • PK (attacking another player) is not possible.
  • Participants can keep items acquired during the event.
  • Players receive a rewarding experience reward based on the result they achieve, which depends on the number of monsters killed.


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